Who we are

We are a MEP design company office, established in 2018. We provide a full range of MEP solutions – HVAC, sanitary and energy. With broad, qualified and highly experienced in-house engineer-ing, design, energy efficiency, project management and field service professionals, ADNMEP can handle commercial, residential or offices projects. The journey began with the design of a new concept of a residential, different from floor-to-floor, with a detailed BIM informa­tion that defines the product with high coordination precision between architecture, structure and MEP, of what was to be built.

Since then, we enlarge our team by leading professional engineers that shared the same passion and commitment to project excellence, with continues goals to push the boundaries of expectations.

Why choose us

We implemented BIM into our workflow which helps us improve collaboration between the different disciplines involved in the design process, while significantly reducing labor time. It also helps us reduce the risk of potential on-site clashes between building elements.With BIM, designers benefit from all of the different inputs compiled and shared in a model—in a way that 2D software isn’t able to capture. Another of the advantages of BIM is the increasing number of simulation tools that allow designers to visualize the spaces they are creating in real time and study such things as the sunlight during different seasons. BIM enables teams to collaborate and communicate more effectively by allowing them to get a truly global view of a project.

We hold the necessary authorizations for a company designing installations such as:

  • Design of systems and installations for limiting and extinguishing fires;
  • Design of signaling, alarm and fire alarm systems and installations;
  • Design of signaling, alarm and fire alarm systems and installations;
  • Electrical installation design authorization, 0.40KV nominal voltage (ANRE);
  • Certification of the quality management system in engineering and technical consultancy, SR EN ISO 9001

Our experience

+130 000 sq meter residential
+4 000 sq meters retail


All our employees are qualifed engineers that graduated from technical universitys of building services such us UTCB, UPB or FIE, and they cover all domains of HVAC, sanitary and electrical activities for residential, civil, commercial or industrial construction. 


Costin Chitu


Samuel Vreme


Anca Zaharia


Andrei Luchian


Mădălin Puican


Integrated 3D BIM

We implemented BIM (Building Information Modeling) which is a methodology that allows us to create digital design simulations and to manage all the information associated with an architectural project. In this way, BIM allows the joint work of architects, clients, builders, engineers and other relevant actors to occur within in a single intelligent and shared process. (BIM)

Openness drives innovation

We consider ourselves an open minded team that is capable to accept new challenges. Our work has been adapted to the highest complex architectures, different from the everyday ones, and we gave them life with technical solutions.

Renewable sources

For us, each client is important, and that’s why we developed the accuracy to implement in our projects all types technical solutions, from classical ones to the most innovative solutions. We offer optimal solutions by respecting client requirements and shaping his ideea into a clear image delivered at the end of design procces.

Virtual preview before execution

In collaboration with architecture designers, we can offer the possibility to actual see how the investment will grow into a real shape.